If You See a Coin On a Headstone, Do Not Touch It or Pick It Up – Here’s Why

Society today definitely puts a lot of emphasis on the importance of acquiring financial strength. And the truth is we need money for most things in our lives, from food and shelter to clothes and even education. And, chances are, we could all use a bit more money in our bank accounts.
So it’s easy to assume that most people would at least feel tempted to grab money off the street if it just happened to lye around when they came across it. Well, if you happen to find yourself finding a coin on the side of the sidewalk, for instance, there’s no harm in picking it up and keeping it.
After all, what’s the harm in taking a coin that you have no idea where it came from, right? However, there’s one instance when you should never, ever pick up a coin. In fact, it’s best if you don’t touch it at all.
That instance refers to coins that are place on top of headstones at the cemetery. You see, those coins weren’t randomly left there. They have a clear purpose and a deep meaning.
Copying an ancient tradition of honoring the deceased, more and more people from across the country are following a current trend that involves placing coins on the headstones of men and women who served in our armed forces and who have unfortunately passed away.
The coins are placed there as a way to thank the grieving families of the deceased for their sacrifice. It’s also a way to show support and appreciation, and hopefully help soothe the hearts of those military men and women have left behind.
Watch the video below to learn more about it:

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