See That Black Diamond On the Tape Measure? Here’s The Useful Way It Can Help Everyone

Most of you reading this probably have tape measure somewhere around the house, you know, just in case you need it. But are you sure you are using all of its features right? At this point you’re probably wondering what features I’m actually referring to. After all, tape measure pretty much has one single feature, and that is – you’ve guesses it – help you measure things.
Well, as it turns out, tape measure actually has some mystery markings. If you know them, they can actually make your life easier. You see, tape measure has these little black diamonds markings between the 16 and 24 inch marks. And as the YouTuber in the video below demonstrates, you can use these black diamonds to save time on a project.
That’s because it will spare you from having to do the math in your head whenever you have to measure something for a project. This way, you’ll be able to hand frames, decorations and pretty much anything you want from the wall without having to worry that it won’t be enough support.
Make sure to watch the video below to get all the info you need. It will likely save you a lot of time and frustration on your next home project.

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