Saving Bear in Wilderness Is Against the Law, So Hiker Breaks the Law to Rescue Him

Many of us say we love animals and that we would go to extreme lengths to protect them, but how many people would help an animal in need if it meant risking going to jail? Well, I think it’s safe to say that not many would do that. But the man in the clip below is among those few who would, and now his story is going viral.
Corey Hancock, a hiker from Oregon was taking a walk near the Santiam river when he suddenly noticed a small animal on the ground. Upon closer inspection, Corey saw that the animal was actual a baby bear. The bear was barely crawling, and to Corey, it looked like the bear was dying.
So he made a decision that seemed right to him at that time and took the bear to a nearby vet to get him checked out by a professional. He ended up leaving the bear there and a few days later, he went back to see how the baby is recovering.
Corey was happy to see that the bear’s health has improved significantly, but that wasn’t the end of things. The young man found out that he could have actually gone to jail for his gesture, as interfering in wildlife is illegal.
However, Corey stated that although he wasn’t fully aware of the possible consequences of his actions, he knows deep inside that it was the right decision to be made. That’s because Corey is confident that the bear wouldn’t have made it alive if he hadn’t taken it to get medical attention.

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