Reporter keeps her cool while her cats fight behind her during live TV interview

Keeping your cool in certain situations might be extremely challenging, but somehow a journalist from The Philippines mastered it. The woman was in a live television interview, when her two cats started a huge fight right behind her. Nevertheless, she continued the interview like nothing happened. The comical scene went viral online!


Doris Bigornia – a 56-year-old news reporter and journalist – was reporting from her home, when her cats – Bella Luna and Nala – decided to ruin her work. But the woman wasn’t too impressed, though. She stayed professional and ignored the huge fight that just erupted behind her. However, I ask myself – just like many of the netizens that watch the now viral video footage – what happened after the interview.

With the hilarious moment going viral on social media, Bigornia also shared it on her Twitter. “Children!!! There is a law in the studio,” she wrote.

The 12 second-long footage shows Bigornia – who definitely looks a bit concerned – trying her best to as professional as it should and to keep her cool, while her cats show no respect!


After watching the video, many were so surprised by the way Bigornia kept her cool! “The room is an 8. The cat fight is 10/10,” the famous page Room Rater wrote on Twitter.

Some wondered what happened after. “I’d give my right arm to see what happened just after this clip was ended. What’d she do? What’d the CATS do?” wrote Katy Penland. “I’m never going to sleep again.”

Here you can watch (once again) the funny moment!

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