Real life Spider Man scales building with his bare hands to save two year old child hanging from a window

This is the time of the year when people can put on a costume and pretend they are famous superheroes. Well, the guy in the video below is a hero, was dubbed as the real-life Spider Man, and that’s without having to put on a costume.
The Chinese man noticed there was a small child hanging for dear life from a window, and didn’t think twice to spring into action and try to save the kid. Showcasing real-life Spiderman skills, the man climbed the building to save the child from falling to its death.
The incredible thing is that the man only used his bare hands to escalade several stories to get to the crying baby and rescue him. Apparently, the child fell from his home’s balcony and had gotten his neck stuck in a security window.
The video below captures the man’s heroic act. Both the kid and the young man who saved his life are not out of any danger and managed to come out of the incident with no serious injuries.
These types of people are hard to come by these days. The world needs more people like him! Watch the daring rescue operation here:

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