These puppies don’t know what to make of their first step—ADORABLE

A puppy’s life is full of “firsts”. First time sleeping alone, first time going to the park, first snow, first present from Santa, first bark, and so on. As a dog owner, all you can do is be happy you get to witness all of these incredible moments, and be there for your pup when he needs your help.
The puppies in the video below are getting acquainted with the notion of stairs for the first time, and their reaction is just too adorable for words. At first, the pups carefully analyze the situation. The second step is to attack the stairs by trying to bite into it. When they see that it does nothing to move the stair, the pups attempt to climb the stair for the first time. However, that seems like too much of a challenge for their tiny paws.
Even so, the pups don’t give up. They seek help and advice from other dogs that might be more experienced. Still, the say “the harder you practice, the luckier you get” seems to apply in this case as well. After hours and hours of trying, the pups finally get a break, and manage to climb up the stairs.

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