Principal Lets Strangers Stay In The Gym For The Night, School Is Unrecognizable The Next Day

Graduation is an important event in the life of all teens, but for those in the video below, reaching this milestone means more than most realize. You see, for these graduates, there won’t be any college acceptance letters, no future engagements to look forward to, and no weddings to one day celebrate with all of their friends and family.
As harsh as it may sound, it’s just not going to happen for them. You are probably wondering why. Well, you see, most of them suffer from very serious diseases and don’t have a life expectancy that would allow them to do all the things most of us take for granted.
So the school where they go to has taken a very important commitment to make the graduation ceremony for these students as special and as memorable as possible. Usually, they have to do this using the school’s already limited budget, with no extra funding or support from the student council.
But for this year’s ceremony, the school managed to get themselves a very generous fairy godmother to pick up the bill and make the event the kind graduates deserve.
The Fox5 Surprise Squad decided to support the school’s initiative and pitched in to put together a massive surprise for all the students coming in the next day for the graduation ceremony.
We want you to get the full effect and discover the incredible surprise yourself by watching the video below so we won’t give you more details, but we will say this: it involved a jaw-dropping school transformation.
You need to see this!

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