Preschoolers Line Up for Music Show, Keep Your Eyes On Tiny Blonde Girl in The Middle

Most children (and most adults, really) would get extremely nervous if they had to perform in front of a large group of people. But then again, the preschooler in the video below is not like most kids her age.
Sophia seems perfectly comfortable being the center of attention, which is good, because she definitely stands out thanks to her spunky personality. A video showing her dominate the spotlight during a recent school event is going viral, and it’s easy to see why.
While the rest of her colleagues were mumbling the lyrics of the song they had to sing in a shy manner, Sophia took the performance technique into her own hand and turned the school recital into her own show.
“The children were supposed to perform a mellow rendition of Moana’s ‘How far I’ll go’ – she clearly missed the memo!” said Sophia’s mom in reference to her daughter’s dramatic performance on stage.
There is no way of knowing what career path will Sophia choose in the future, but she is clearly meant to be in the spotlight. I wish I was this confident when I was her age, don’t you?
You need to see this!

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