Police Are Warning About a New Scam Targeting Your Address Painted On the Curb

Scammers are relentless when it comes to finding new ways to steal money from unsuspecting victims. And the best way to protect yourself, your family, and your assets from them is to stay informed.
That being said, police are now warning law-obeying citizens about a new scam that could easily fly under your radar. It all starts with a seemingly harmless paint job on the side of the sidewalk.
You may walk right past it and don’t think any of it. But what if that paint job was in front of your home, and the painter then asks you to pay for it – even though you didn’t request for it?
Well, that’s how scammers approach their victims. The scammers are counting on the fact that most people would feel uncomfortable refusing to pay someone for a service they provided – even if that service wasn’t performed on demand.
However, authorities say that no one can make you pay for something you didn’t request in the first place. So if someone is trying to force you into giving them money for a service they’ve done for you without you being aware of it, just say No.
Remember there’s no reason to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about it. Honest service providers will never resort to these kinds of malicious tactics to run or promote their businesses.
Make sure to share this video with all of your friends and family so that as many people as possible are aware of this shameless new scam that is targeting people from all across the United States.

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