This Pixar Inspired Pep Rally Turned High School Dance Team into Internet Sensations

Chances are you’ve seen a high school pep rally before, but, trust us, this takes things to a whole different level. That’s because it’s not a common pap rally. This Walden Grove High School dance team managed to put on a show that ultimately reached millions of people from across the world after it surfaced online.
The talented young men and women who were behind this amazing show definitely have the abilities needed to one day put on a Broadway show! With their Pixar-themed sketch, they proved you don’t always need a big budget to create something spectacular and that creativity goes a long way when putting on a show.
They managed to tell a great story through music, movement and costumes, and every small detail was thought-out to perfection.
Featuring special appearances by cartoon characters from “Monsters, Inc.,” “Finding Nemo,” and “Toy Story,” their performance amassed more than 4 million views online and brought joy to millions of people from across the world.
Thanks to their success online, the dance team was invited by the NBA to perform at a game between the Phoenix Suns and the Chicago Bulls.
It’s really no surprise why. The choreography was executed beautifully by these talented dancers who have a knack for being on stage. The way they interacted with the crowd and shared their positive energy with the audience was what brought the whole show together.
If you enjoyed this one-of-a-kind performance, don’t forget to share it with all of your friends and family online. It will put a smile on their faces, that’s for sure!

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