Pitties with Swimmer Puppy Syndrome Overcome Setbacks to Become Happy Dogs

Pibble’s Plantation dog rescue had an unexpected mission on their hands when they encountered three puppies with swimmer puppy syndrome. These puppies were obtained by various individuals who had purchased them from an unscrupulous backyard breeder.

The first puppy they rescued was Gabriel. He had been bought at a mere 4 weeks old with the intention of raising him to be aggressive. However, when the buyer realized Gabriel couldn’t walk, they told Pibble’s Plantation, “If you can fix him and make him meaner, I’ll take him back.”

Shortly after, Uriel and Samiel arrived. These two puppies bore a striking resemblance to Gabriel and shared the same congenital deformity. Heather and Kat Marchant, the compassionate individuals at Pibble’s Plantation, deduced that all three puppies were likely from the same breeder. Gabriel, in particular, was the most fearful among them and would cry out when handled.

Heather and Kat’s immediate focus was to ensure that the puppies could breathe, eat, and drink comfortably. Once these basic needs were met, they embarked on helping the puppies learn to stand and walk. They made sure the rehabilitation process was enjoyable, turning it into a fun experience rather than just work. Remarkably, by the time the puppies reached 12 weeks old, all three of them were able to stand on their own. It was a proud and fulfilling moment for Kat and Heather, despite the exhaustion they felt. They had made significant progress. However, Gabriel faced another setback.

Gabriel started limping due to an elbow luxation, which necessitated amputation of his leg. This meant he had to relearn how to walk all over again. His rescuers anxiously worried that if he didn’t regain his ability to walk, they might have no other choice. Fortunately, to their relief, Gabriel rose to the challenge and stood up on his own the very next day after the surgery. “Gabe was determined to walk. Strangely, he seemed even better as a three-legged dog because the pain was gone,” Kat expressed with gratitude.

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