Photographers Capture Eerily Glowing Eyes in Dark Swamp

You’ve seen “Lord of the Rings”; swamps are not exactly the kind of places where you would want to get lost or hang out, especially not at night. Swamps are among the naturally creepiest places on Earth. With alligators hiding in the dark and muddy waters everywhere, it’s easy to see why most of us wouldn’t want to get anywhere near a swamp.
Well, there’s actually beauty and an appealing mystery to this creepiness and Photographers Larry Lynch and David Moynahan went on a mission to reveal them. Their main goal was to focus on photographing alligators and how they behave in the swamp, but the result went way above what they expected.
But it didn’t come easy.
“Between kneeling in several inches of black mud, the heat, humidity, and bloodthirsty mosquitos, my thoughts were, ‘get the best picture I can and get […] out, ” said Larry referring to what he experienced in the swamp.
Larry waited around in the swamps of Myakka River State Park, Florida for hours and hours in a row just seeking that perfect moment to take a photo. In photography, timing is everything. You have to wait for the subject to be in the perfect position to really be able to capture the moment and the mood it coveys.
The photos Larry managed to shot are truly magical, and kind of scary. You’ll have a hard time getting these flaring alligators’ eyes out of your mind anytime soon.
Can you imagine being alone at night and seeing so many alligators lurking in the water just a few feet away from you?

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