It turns out – people who talk to themselves aren’t crazy, they’re geniuses

Do you ever find yourself talking to yourself while doing dishes, thinking about something important at work, or while walking down the street? Well, if these types of things happen to you on a regular basis, then you might also be pretty familiar with what typically happens after: people staring at you like you’re a crazy person.

Well, I have some great news for you, news that will more than make up for all those embarrassing moments when you notice those around you insistently looking at you. The good news is that not only you are not crazy; but you might actually be a genius.


Recent studies have shown that those who have the habit of talking to themselves typically have a higher IQ compared to people who don’t engage in this practice.

Talking to yourself may actually be a sign that your brain works more efficiently. That means better memory and enhanced memorization abilities.

Also, talking to yourself helps you organize your thoughts so that you can make better decisions, and ultimately reach your goals faster.

So the next time you find yourself talking to yourself, don’t be embarrassed, be proud! Also, share this post so that less people will look at you like you should be institutionalized.


1. You’re brain works more efficiently

In an experiment done by Live Science, test subjects that repeated objects not only found them more easily, but had a better memory and enhanced memorization abilities. Speaking something out loud to yourself actually solidifies what you are doing and makes it more easy for your body to understand.

2. As a child, you’ll learn better

Babies and toddlers need to hear their voices when growing up, as “self directed speech can help guide children’s behavior… often talking themselves step by step through tasks.” By talking aloud to yourself as a youngster, you can vocalize directions and become more adept at following them, or any other process.

3. It helps organize your thoughts

Talking to yourself helps validate important decisions, according to psychologist Linda Sapadin. By speaking out loud, you are vocally prioritizing tasks and de-cluttering your mind. Hearing your issue be vocalized also calms your nerves, instead of it bouncing around in your head.

4. You’ll achieve more goals

Repeating something out loud, especially your goals, will help reinforce your attention and focus, along with eliminate distractions. Walking yourself through the steps will make each one more individual and clear, as opposed to blending them all together. By saying it and hearing it, you mentally condition your brain to put more effort into achieving it.

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