People Are Sharing Pics Of Frozen Niagara Falls, And It’s Positively Magical.

Niagara Falls is always spectacular to look at, but it is particularly magical now. Why? Well, as you may already know by now, Niagara Falls is partially frozen due to the low temperatures registered on the East Coast during this time of the year.
The ice encasing the Niagara Falls has drawn in visitors from all over the country, which is no surprise judging by how gorgeous it looks. And people who were lucky enough to see the partially frozen fall in-person couldn’t leave without taking a photo or two. So it happens that thousands of photos showcasing Niagara Falls have been surfacing online lately.
And while there is no denying that too much of anything can make you sick, I don’t think I will ever get tired of looking at images of beautiful Niagara Falls encased in ice.
Leave it to Mother Nature to take advantage of the brutally cold temperatures to paint some gorgeous landscapes with her frozen brush. This is not something you see every day, so please take a moment to share this with others.
Is it just me or does this look like something straight out of a wintry Disney movie?

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