Most People Have Heard This Song, But Very Few Actually Know Who Performed It

Chances are you’ve heard the song a countless number of times. What’s more, you probably even know all the lyrics. Maybe you’ve seen the video a few times. But how much do you know about the talented young man who actually sings it?
The song is called “Over the Rainbow” and the voice belongs to Israel Ka’ano’i Kamakawiwo’ole, an extremely talented Hawaiian musician with a huge heart.
But although the song was featured on countless of movies, TV shows and all kinds of commercial videos, there’s not a lot of information about Israel. Known as “Gentle Giant”, the man unfortunately died at the age of 38 years old.
His massive frame ultimately led to his death. Israel suffered from obesity related problems most of his life. His cardiac and respiratory issues were too much for his body too handle.
But despite of the fact that he died as a such young, his contribution to music and Hawaiian culture is unquestionable. This will forever remain as one of the best, most beautiful songs ever!
Whenever you’re feeling sad or like the world has let you down, play this song and you’ll instantly get a new perspective on things!

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