Pentatonix’s Acapella Spin of Queen’s All-Time Classic Is Stunning Everyone, And Now Going Viral

Pentatonix, the famous five-member acapella group, are no strangers when it comes to viral videos that get millions of views. Their beautiful renditions of famous songs throughout music history always get plenty of love and attention online, and this one makes no exception.
If you are a Freddy Mercury fan (and honestly, who isn’t), then you will definitely appreciate all that’s going on in the video below. The clip shows Pentatonix cover one of the most brilliant songs ever, Bohemian Rhapsody!
Written by Freddy Mercury himself, the song has often been referred to as a masterpiece! Bohemian Rhapsody sold more than a million copies when it was released all the way back in 1975. Even now, decades after it was released, the song is still extremely popular among audiences of all ages.
So people’s expectations when it comes to this song are pretty high, but it’s safe to say Pentatonix managed to rise up to the occasion and deliver a rendition that does justice to the original version. In other words, they’ve done it again!
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