Pentatonix Gives Real Meaning to Christmas – And Leaves Everyone In Tears

What’s Christmas to you?
Everybody has their own way of imaging their perfect Christmas. Every family has their own traditions they like to stick to every single year. And then of course, there are the things that most of us do during this time of the year, like decorate our homes and the Christmas tree, buy presents for our loved ones, and maybe have one cookie too many.
Those things are all a part of Christmas charm.
But the true meaning of Christmas cannot be put into a box. You can’t put a ribbon on it. The true meaning of Christmas can only be found in our hearts. It’s about creating new memories alongside your friends and family. It’s about revisiting old friends from your childhood whom you haven’t seen in months.
It’s about reconnecting with important people in your life and offer your time and a little piece of your soul.
Christmas means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but there’s a common element, and that is love.
This is a message that the super group Pentatonix wanted to convey with a personal video that is getting plenty of love and attention online

The talented singers recorded an incredible rendition of the popular Christmas song, “That’s Christmas to Me,” and the video that accompanies the song seems more personal than ever.
All the five members of the group included personal footage of them as kids from their family’s achieve, and it’s enough to melt anybody’s heart.
Take a look:

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