Pentatonix Begins Singing in an Empty Church. Their Song Is Covering Everyone in Chills

Pentatonix never disappoint their fans! Every single rendition they’ve done has been well-received by the public, and it’s really no surprise why.
Just in time for the holidays, they’ve released a collection of Christmas songs that is sure to liven up the mood at any party. “Joy to the World,” perhaps the most famous Christmas song of all times, couldn’t miss from the list. Originally published in 1719 with the music arrangement being written in 1839, the song has almost become like a hymn of Christmas.
It’s impossible to go anywhere this time of the year and not hear some version of the song. The song already has a well-established musical identity of its own, but the talented singers at Pentatonix somehow managed to breathe new life into the song.
Their unique style and harmonious voices shine through, making the song sound brand new. It’s the kind of music that anyone would be happy to listen to around Christmas.
To match their beautiful voices, Pentatonix decided to record the music video for this song in a beautiful chapel, and looking at how the video turned out, it was the perfect location.
The scenery combined with the message of the song and their incredible voices is enough to bring anyone to tears and feel the joy of Christmas.
This is definitely the kind of video anyone would appreciate, especially during this time of the year, with Christmas just a few short days away. So make sure to share this with all of your friends and family online.

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