Pastor Asks Bride to Step Aside, Then Groom Gives “Proposal” To Her Sister

Ashely and Will share the kind of love that many people dream of experiencing in their lifetime. They are best friends, lovers and they knew early on that they were meant to be together for the rest of their lives.
So the moment came when Will got down on one knee and asked Ashley the big question. But Ashley wasn’t the only woman who Will proposed to that day. You see, Ashely’s sister Hannah who has Down’s syndrome is a huge part of Ashley’s life.
Since they were little girls, Ashley wanted to make sure Hannah feels included in everything she did. Knowing how important this is for the love of his life, Will decided to give Hannah a special part in their big day as well.
The man also proposed to Hannah as well by getting down on his knee and asking her if she wants to be his best friend forever. Will and Hannah also shared best friends’ vows at the wedding.
A professional photographer captured these special moments they shared together, and the images are going viral online. Take a look and don’t forget to share this endearing story with your loved ones!
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