Parrot tries to cheer up this crabby kitty but annoys the cat

You know when you’re feeling down sometimes and everybody is trying to cheer you up and give you all kinds of crappy advice that you just don’t feel like hearing at that point? Well, we all have our downs and it sure is nice to have friends who want to help you feel better. But sometimes, you’re just not in the mood for that. We’ve all been in situations like this during some point in our lives.
Well, believe it or not, some animals also experience these types of moments- only it’s a lot funnier in their case.
In the video below, a cat and a parrot show that animals and humans are more alike than we think. The cat is obviously not in a very good mood (in other words, typical cat behavior), but the parrot wants to have some fun and is looking for a buddy to play with.
Needless to say, the cat would rather do anything but pay the parrot any attention. No matter how hard the parrot tries to get the cat to brighten up, his efforts are in vain. If you need something to put a smile on your face, this is the video for you.

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