Parents Lose Custody of Kids Due to ‘Low IQ’ – Fight to Get Them Back

Everyone has their own idea about what it means to be a good parent. Some say it’s all about spending a lot of quality time with your children and letting them learn by example.
Others think that it’s important to read a lot of books on parenting and apply what specialists have concluded to be the best in terms of raising a child. But, if you ask me, the one thing that is most important is love. Kids of all ages need love and affection from their moms and dads to thrive.
Well, no one could have ever blamed the parents in the video below for not loving their kids. Still, they were deemed unfit to raise them. Amy Fabbrini and Eric Ziegle risk of having their kids be taken away from them because they are not considered to be smart enough.
It all happened after someone from their inner circle of friends decided they were unfit to raise their kids and contacted child welfare authorities who proceeded to investigate the case and the accusations being brought to the two parents.
The caseworker gave both of them an IQ test, and they scored below average. Now, some say that what the test revealed shouldn’t be the only thing the authorities should take into account when establishing their ability to parent.
Others, however, disagree and say the kids would be better off being raised by someone else.
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