Paralyzed “Cow Whisperer” Shares Incredible Bond With 1400-Lb Steer.

As an infant, Iowan Alec Gotto suffered from a neurological disorder. Sadly, the disorder left him paralyzed and unable to do many of the things many of the kids his age could. But this post is not about what Iowan can’t do but about his ambition to always expand the list of things he can do.
And that now includes him being able to get into the show ring with a steer that is nearly three-quarters of a ton heavier than him. It was a dream the now 11-year-old boy has had even since he was a little boy.
Since then, the boy has worked hard, and although there were many bumps on the way, he managed to turn his dream into reality, all thanks to his incredible determination to always step outside his comfort zone and push his boundaries.
“The kid is stubborn,” said his mom Carrie. “If he wants to do something, he will do it.”
It’s unbelievable how an eleven-year-old kid can get in the ring with a steer that is five times his size – and lead. It’s not for nothing that Iowan was nicknamed the “cow whisperer.”
The clip below shows the boy at the Iowa State Fair, and it’s definitely something that you need to see to believe. So take a look and don’t forget to share!

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