Parakeet is a real talker, tells his brother “I love you”

Parakeets are big talkers, there’s no surprise about that. But no matter how many parakeet videos you’ve seen, it seems like these talkative birds always find a way to surprise you with the things they say.
Fabio is a one-year-old Ringneck parakeet and he is constantly finding new ways to surprise his family. He loves to talk, and his chatty personality really shines through now that he has a new brother, another gorgeous parakeet that is younger than him.
In the video below, you can see Fabio showering his little brother named Gabriel with kisses while constantly saying that he loves him. Seeing them give each other kisses is the cutest thing you’ll see today.
Gabriel is just three months old, so the two brothers didn’t get a chance to spend that much time together so far. They are still working on their relationship, but it’s not too soon to tell they will definitely get along perfectly.
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