One-Week-Old Puppy Stuck Under Deck Rescued by Firefighters

A little 1-week-old puppy had a harrowing experience when it accidentally slipped under a home’s deck, but fortunately, it is now safely reunited with its mother. The Mount Pleasant Fire Department in Texas responded to a call about a lost dog and quickly utilized their trench rescue expertise to rescue the tiny puppy in a challenging and messy operation.

The fire department shared compelling photos on Facebook, showcasing the firefighters diligently digging a sizable hole beneath the deck to create an access point for one of their team members to crawl underneath and reach the stranded pup.

Firefighter Stockinger took on the crucial task and fearlessly maneuvered into the trench, extending a helping hand to retrieve the puppy from its hidden spot beneath the house. After going “down in the dirt,” firefighter Stockinger emerged triumphantly, cradling the precious little puppy in his hands.

The Texas fire department proudly praised the efforts of Station 1’s crew, who swiftly employed their trench rescue skills to save the 1-week-old puppy. In their Facebook post, they stated, “This morning we received a call for a lost puppy. Crews from Station 1 put their trench rescue skills to work, and the 1-week-old victim was successfully rescued and reunited with its mom. Great job A-shift, Station 1!”

Thankfully, the puppy emerged from the incident unharmed and is now happily back in the loving care of its family.

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