How to NOT fire a watermelon out of a giant slingshot

Contestants on the ‘Amazing Race’ are typically extremely determined and would do whatever it takes to get to the end of the race, challenge themselves to be better, step outside their comfort zone and go home with the big prize and the title. It’s an amazing competition, hence the name, and nothing is off the table.
Well, the woman in the video below was a little too determined for her own good. During a challenge on the show, contestants had to launch watermelons from a giant sling shot contraption and know down several objects placed at a considerable distance. The woman had a lot of encouragements from her sister with whom she entered the competition. But that didn’t help much.
The woman fell and the whole contraction somehow backfired sending the watermelon square into her face. If I only had to use a single word to describe what’s going on in the video below, the right word to use has to be: “ouch”
This will make you laugh so hard – although it really shouldn’t. I think we’re bad people if we laugh seeing this.

But I won’t tell anybody if you won’t either.

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