“I have nobody.” Homeless teen’s sad confession drives football coach to take action

High School football player Rodrick Jackson seemed like he had all the odds stacked against him. He was homeless and every day was pretty much a struggle to him. He had nowhere to go, and was afraid to even hope about a better future.
The only thing he found comfort in was his passion for football.
And this passion is what ultimately helped him attract the right kind of people into his life, the kind of people who would believe in him and who would go to extreme lengths to help him.
Now, Rodrick is living the kind of life he only imagined in his wildest dream. The young man managed to earn an athletic scholarship and will soon head off to college to build his future.
None of this would have been possible without the help and ongoing support of his high school coach who saw more in him and who decided to take him under his wing.
This is one more example that shows just what a huge difference one person can make in someone else’s life! This is a story that will warm up your heart.

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