News Anchor Helps Boy Get Adopted— 6 Yrs Later, Loses It When Someone Sneaks onto Set.

One of the best parts about being a journalist is the fact that you always get to meet new people, learn their life stories and maybe even make an impact. Gloria Campos has been a news anchor for decades now, but she still remembers all the amazing people she’s met along the way.
Among them was an 8-year-old boy named Ke’onte. The boy had been bounced around in the Plano, Texas foster system for the majority of his life as a child. After she did a segment on her show in which she made the boy’s story public, a loving family decided to adopt Ke’onte and his life changed forever from that day on.
As years passed, the boy always felt like Gloria played a significant role in him getting adopted and starting a new life. Now a teenage boy, Ke’onte wanted to surprise Gloria and thank her for everything she’s done for him.
Their touching reunion was captured on video, and it’s something that will most likely bring tears to your eyes. When you help someone from the bottom of your heart, it stays with them forever. It’s an essential life lesson that we all stand to benefit from being reminded of every once in a while.

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