Newborn Puppy Was Dumped On The Street, Crying – Still Finds It In Himself To Trust Humans

If you are a dog lover, then chances are your heart aches every time you hear about a dog being mistreated or abandoned as if it was a worthless object. Sadly, it’s a story that keeps repeating itself, with thousands of dogs being abandoned every single year.
That’s what happened to the adorable pup you are about to meet by watching the video below, and now his incredible story is going viral.
Joy was a newborn puppy when he was found abandoned on the sidewalk. He was extremely small and helpless, and weighed just a little over 150 grams. Judging by his size, his rescuers had every reason to believe the dog was barely a day old, so they considered the day he was rescued as his very first day of life.
Orphaned newborn puppies require ongoing care and attention as they are extremely fragile. So raising them can be very challenging. Even so, Joy’s rescuers stood by his side and provided him with everything he needed for the first four months of his life.
After that, Joy was strong enough to start his life with a forever family. The dog ended up getting adopted by a loving couple from the Netherlands and he is now a happy, healthy pup ready to discover all the joys of life.
You can learn more about his journey from the moment he was discovered on the street by his rescuers to the happy day he found his loving new family by watching the video below.

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