Newborn fawn is curious about the little girl, now WATCH what the little girl does next… WOW!

Children and animals are a match made in heaven. For some reason, many animals and children get along perfectly and become friends as soon as they meet each other. It’s what happened in the case of the adorable little girl and the beautiful fawn in the video below.
The little girl was with her family unpacking after a trip they’ve took when she noticed a fawn that was looking at her from the woods just behind their house. The animal seemed too shy to come any closer, but the little girl smiled at her encouraging her to leave her worries behind.
The fawn looks just a few weeks old, so chances are the little girl was the first human she ever came into contact with. The fawn trusted the little girl enough to let her pet her for a while before returning back into the woods.
The endearing moment was caught on video. Judging by the images, it’s safe to say it was just a beautiful moment of bonding between a tiny human and a tiny animal. With kids today spending more and more time staring at a screen, these moment are unfortunately becoming increasingly rare.

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