Nervous Girl Takes Mic To Sing, Puts Unique Twist On ‘Hallelujah’ That Silences The Room

It’s easy to watch a competition on TV from the comfort of your sofa; but it’s an entirely different experience actually being in the middle of the show and putting your talent on display for the whole world to see – and judge.
So it’s no surprise that most of the contestants who audition for talent shows such as The Voice can barely keep their nerves under control. Such was the case of the young woman in the video below.
When she first stepped on stage at The Voice for her blind audition, the girl was literally shaking. But in her case, her emotion only helped her better deliver the message of the song she chose to perform.
The girl sang ‘Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen for the first part of her audition, but surprised everyone when she started singing in a different language in the second part of her performance.
Amazed by her sweet yet powerful voice, all four judges turned their seats. As soon as they saw her beautiful face, they knew they were in the presence of a new star who can take the music industry by storm.
This is not a performance you’ll want to skip watching, so hit Play!

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