Nanny Starts Caring for Dying Toddler, But Her Selfless Offer Leaves Family Stunned.


Many busy parents out there grateful for their nannies, as they can prove to be an invaluable help to their family. But this New Jersey family has a much stronger reason thank their nanny.
“An angel sent by God”, this is how they describe the woman who not only takes care of their baby daughter but who actually saved her life.
George and Farra Rosko had only met 22-year-old Kiersten Miles three weeks ago, but it was all the time the young woman needed to offer them a special gift.
You see, the family’s youngest daughter Talia was diagnosed when she was only a few weeks old with biliary atresia, a life threatening condition that prevents the liver from working as it should and filter out toxins from the body.
Kiersten and Talia got along perfectly from the second they met, so the Rosko’s decided to hire her as a nanny immediately. The young woman did a great job taking care of her and the family’s other two children, but she felt like she needed to do more.
So she made Talia’s parents an incredibly generous offer. She volunteered to donate part of her kidney to give the little girl a chance at a normal life.
This story is incredible!