Mother Can No Longer Walk for Wedding Dance, Groom’s Solution Make His Bride Weep

There’s a lot that goes into planning the perfect wedding, the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. From booking the perfect venue to picking out the flowers to landing the best DJ, there’s definitely a lot of details to think about.
But at the end of the day, the only thing that really matters about your wedding day is that you get to share it with your closest friends and your loving family members. All the other stuff are just minor details that most people don’t even remember.
Family is the most important, so it’s only natural that you want them to have an amazing time at your wedding. It’s what the groom in the video below named Luke wanted most at his wedding. It was important to him that his family, and particularly his mom, will have the time of their lives and feel as included in the ceremony as possible.
Luke knew that his mom is very fond of keeping tradition, so he wanted to make the traditional groom-mother dance extra special for her. However, because his mom has ALS and uses a wheelchair to get around, dancing together turned out to be more complicated than in most cases.
However, Luke was determined to dance with his mom and create a memory together that neither of them will be ever to forget. So Luke kneeled down next to his mom on the dance floor and began moving slowing to Mariah Carey’s hit song “Hero”.
The moment reduced everyone to tears. See if you can hold back the tears, because we definitely couldn’t.

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