Mom’s Insecure About Herself – 6-Year-Old Son’s Perfect Reply Has Gone Viral

As parents, it’s our responsibility to teach our kids about the world and how to carry themselves to be as successful and as happy as possible. But as adults, we have just as much to learn from our children as they do from us (maybe even more).
Children’s innocence, fresh perspective and their unique way of seeing the world is like a much-needed breath of fresh air. However, as adults, we often avoid sharing our insecurities with our young ones and put on an unnecessary mask to seem unbreakable. But if the video below is any indication of the truth, kids deserve a lot more credit than we give them.
That’s because they not only have the maturity to understand certain issues we’re experiencing but can also give some pretty great advice. The six-year-old in the video below, for instance, gave his mom an awesome little pep-talk.
During his speech, the boy reminded her that she can do anything she sets her mind to and that she should follow her own inner voice rather than listening to what other people in her life think she should do. What’s more, he encouraged her to go after her dreams and believe in herself.
The boy told her that it is possible for her to get a better job, earn more money, and even live in the White House if that is what she wanted. And judging by mom’s reaction, that’s exactly what she needed to hear!
You can listen to the boy’s entire precious advice by pressing play!

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