Mom’s Feeling “Frumpy” After Losing Weight. Reveals New Look That’s Night and Day

The woman in the video below named Diana lost 43 pounds, and although it was a goal she has set for herself, the change left her feeling frumpy. She needed a new look to go with her new figure, so she contacted one of the best in the business.
Christopher Hopkins is known as the Make Over Guy for helping women of all ages achieve incredible look transformations that leave them feeling rejuvenated and ready to take over the world. That’s what happened in Diana’s case, and her new look is bound to make you want to book an appointment to a beauty salon as soon as possible.
It’s incredible what a new haircut and the right kind of makeup can do to a person. Diana still looks like herself, but a much better version of herself. The makeup, as well as the haircut, both emphasize her best features, and the result is stunning.
But maybe the most important benefit this makeover has brought her is a change in attitude. Diana not only looks like a million bucks but she also feels better than she has felt in years. Take a look at the transformation yourself by watching the video below!

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