Mom’s 4 Days Overdue with Twins, Performs Outstanding Dance Routine with Husband

Many women have described pregnancy as being one of the most beautiful and most rewarding times of their lives. But you know what’s the best part about being pregnant? Delivering the baby.
After nine months of being uncomfortable, not being able to bend over and waddling instead of walking, the mom in the video below was ready for the babies to come out. However, the twins were not.
But because the babies were already four days overdue, mom decided to get creative and “convince” the two shy babies to make their entrance into the world. With some help from her husband, mom tried to induce twins by dancing to “Let’s Get it Started” by Black Eyed Peas.
“Wes and Isaac, you’re four days overdue. You brought this on yourself,” the woman says before showing off her moves in front of the camera.
According to the clip’s brief description on YouTube, mom did try pretty much everything else before thinking of this unexpected solution. And it actually worked! Not right away, though. The woman ended up going into labor just two days after this video was recorded. What’s more, she had a natural, un-medicated hospital birth.

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