Mom Thinks Nothing of Son Giving Mailman Free Drink, Until Letter She Gets Reveals His Intentions

A boy’s incredible act of kindness is going viral, and it’s all for the right reasons.
It all started when 5-year-old Adam told his mom about an idea he had to stand in the yard and sell Kool Aid for 50 cents a cup. The boy’s entrepreneurial spirit is pretty developed, and the boy figured that selling cold drinks on a hot summer day is good business.
And he was right. People were thirsty. And among those who could use a drink was his mailman. The boy noticed the man was pretty parched from walking around in the hot sun all day long, so he decided to offer him a drink – free of charge.
The boy poured him a big cup and the mailmen said the drink tasted very good. But it was really the sample of innocence and kindness that he had received that really impressed him.
The mailmen didn’t have any money on him to pay for the drink then, but the boy’s kind-hearted gesture struck a chord with him. And the following week, Adam and his mom received a letter in the mail. When they opened it, they couldn’t believe their eyes.
The mailmen had sent a letter and a $20 bill to thank little Adam for his kind gesture. There was also an important lesson in there: “Good things happen to good people.”
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