Mom sees what her little girl and husband recorded when she left and can’t stop laughing!

The relationship between a father and his daughter is definitely one of a kind. There’s nothing like it. For most girls, their dad is the first man they will ever love and they end up seeing him as a role model. Dads have a big influence over their daughter’s lives. You can see if a girl was treated well by her dad by the kind of woman she becomes and the taste she has in men later in life.

That being said, there’s no wondering whether the dad in the video below is a good father to his young daughter or not. Any dad who is willing to wear a pair of pink pants and dance with his daughter in front of the camera deserves an award for Best Dad.

The two clearly share an incredible relationship and a strong connection. Judging by these images, they have an awesome time spending time together and enjoying each other’s company. It’s always nice to see dads who can level up with their kids and who act like children just so they can make their children happy.

This is for all you awesome dads out there: Keep on rocking!

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