Mom Never Expected This Gift From Her 5 Year Old. This Is Priceless.

There is a moment in our lives when we begin to want more than they need at that moment spoil the balance of innocence. .Lumea Is so chaotic that can not love the beautiful, mature people lose some capacity to perceive things and the sad thing is they lose the purity of mind and it is harder for them to understand things that have nothing to do with dry reason, simply let dominated by resentment, worry, the “status” of manhood. Why grown men lose their innocence and purity? When they begin to have desires inappropriate, immoral, impossible at that time begin to make the compromises necessary to fulfill the purpose and begin to destroy innocence, purity of mind and ideals of the beginning of life Nowadays people are either lethargic or depressed and rigid in their direction by big dreams, hungry for rewards childhood forgetting, forgetting to more refreshing and occasionally of her toddler.


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