Mom Mortified to See Son Came Home from School Without Pants, Then She Hears School’s Excuse


School is supposed to be safe space where kids go to learn new thing and make new friends. As parents, we understandably expect for teachers to behave in a professional manner and treat our children with kindness and respect, which is why stories like this are so shocking.
A woman from Washington state couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw her son waiting for her at the neighborhood bus stop without any pants on. The woman was horrified to see that her boy didn’t had pants and immediately rushed to pick her boy up.
The boy was sobbing, and as the school bus drove away, mom looked for an explanation. Then is when she saw that her son was wearing a pull up diaper. She couldn’t figure out what happened at school that led to her son coming home wearing a diaper and no pants.
The mom who chose to remain anonymous called the boy’s school the second she got home and demanded an explanation for what was going on. You won’t believe the answer she received!
Apparently, the boy had an accident during class, and instead of offering him an extra pair of pants, the boy was embarrassed in front of his peers and forced to wear a diaper to teach him a lesson.
What’s more, the boy was sent out of the office on a walk of shame meant to further embarrass him. Then, he was sent home, still in his diaper. Since the incident, the school district launched an investigation. Someone definitely needs to take responsibility for this, don’t you think?