Mom Holds 12 Ounce Baby Girl for 1st Time, Brings Everyone in Room to Tears

When Angela and Michael Bakker first learned that they were going to be the parents of a baby girl, they felt a kind of joy they never felt before. They were extremely excited to meet their baby and start a new life as a family.
Unfortunately, the pregnancy wasn’t without problems and the baby girl was born a lot sooner than it’s normal. In fact, the baby was born 15 weeks premature and weighed under one pound. Under these circumstances, the chance of the baby girl whom Angele and Michael decided to name Naomi Joy were extremely slim.
However, the staff at the Renown Regional Medical Center Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where Naomi was born did everything in their power to ensure the baby is given the best chances at survival.
And one of the methods they used is called “kangaroo care” and involves the skin-to-skin contact between the premature born baby and his mom. This practice is believed to help aid the development of a preemie baby.
So after more than two weeks of barely touching her baby who was kept in intensive care, mom got to hold her baby on her chest for the first time ever. The moment was captured on video and it’s likely to bring tears to your eyes.
Naomi remained in the hospital for another 128 days, but luckily, her parents were able to take her home after that. The baby had a difficult start in life but she is now a happy, healthy little girl.

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