Mom Dials 911 Because Kids Are Starving – Then Dispatcher Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands

As a police dispatcher in Camden County, New Jersey, Tondaleya Bagby has had her fair share of strange calls she had to deal with, but none like this one. You see, Tondaleya received a call from a desperate mother whose kids hadn’t eaten in a day.
The woman’s phone was cut off so she had no one else she could call. She knew that by calling 911, she would call a police emergency service, but that was her last resort and she didn’t know what else to do to help her kids.
The mom told Tondaleya that her food stamps will only get to her in about a month or so, and that she had nothing else in the house to feed her kids. Tondaleya couldn’t help but be deeply touched by the woman’s desperate request, so she decided to take things into her own hands and figure out a way to help the mom on the other end of the call and her children.
What’s more, Tondaleya heard a few babies crying in the background and immediately thought of her own kids whom she can’t imagine not being able to provide for. So, she sent a police officer to her apartment and found out the mom was actually living with her five children in a one-bedroom apartment.
Realizing how bad her situation really is, Tondaleya and a few other kindhearted police officers took care of buying and delivering the groceries the mother of five so desperately needed.
Here is the phone call that started it all:

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