Mom asks bulldog about his day. Bulldog responds in hilarious fashion

Many new parents like to sing to their babies in their early years of life, and according to recent studies, there might actually be medical benefits to this. Singing to baby is claimed to help them develop their language skills and help them avoid developing language problems later on.
Aside from that, singing helps create a bond between parents and their babies. As I’m sure you know, music is a universal language. When someone sings to a baby, he or she is able to bond with the person singing to them and their voices.
And nowhere is this more obvious than in the video below. When this talented mom starts singing a cover of famous song Hallelujah in the presence of her son, the baby’s face expression immediately lights up.
In all fairness, mom has an incredible voice, so it’s impossible not to have an immediate reaction to hearing her sing. That being said, it’s pretty obvious that her son is her biggest fan. The way he looks at his mom is just too precious for words to describe.
We sure hope mom decides to pursue a career as a singer, because she truly is super talented.

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