Millionaire’s Car Stolen By Street Children. Instead Of Punishing Them, He Brings Them Home

Dr. Charles Mully grew up in Kenya where he soon learned that poverty makes people do things that they wouldn’t normally do. When you have to fight for survival, you have a different way of seeing the world.
For the first six years of his life, Charles lived in an abusive home. His dad was an alcoholic and abandoned him before he turned seven.
And then is when life got even harder for Charles. For years, he struggled and was forced to beg just so that he could eat. But even so, when he grew older, he managed to get a job, and invested his money into a car which he used to start his first business.
And by the time he turned thirty years old, Charles was worth millions. But he gave up all his fortune to help other kids and provide them with the kind of assistance he so desperately needed as a boy growing up with nothing.
From 1989 to 1995, Mully took more than 300 children into his own home, but that was just the beginning.
His incredible life story is being turned into a movie – and the trailer looks awesome! Check it out:

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