Meet The Rare Creature People Are Calling ‘The Most Beautiful Horse in The World’


Looking at all the beauty that exist in the world, it’s hard to feel anything but love and unexpected joy. Nature’s beauty comes in different forms, but it’s always a privilege to witness it. And thanks to the Internet, we now have the opportunity to discover more about the beauty that surrounds us, regardless of the geographical barriers that exist.
One such beauty is an extremely rare breed of horse from Turkmenistan. These beautiful animals are called “Akhal-Teke,” and their breathtakingly beautiful coat is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.
I think we can all agree that all horses have a certain majestic grace and beauty, but this takes things to a whole new level.
The horses in this breed have a particular coat that looks almost metallic, as if they were showered in gold. In the sun, their coat looks even more beautiful. It’s a word I’ve used a lot in this post, but once you’ll take a good look at the images below, you’ll understand why.
Their shinning blonde coat is arranged in such a way as to reflect and refract the light coming from the sun much like metals do, and the effect is mesmerizing. Mother Nature was definitely generous with these horses!
But don’t think beauty is all these horses have going for them. Known in China as “horses from heaven,” they are also a monument of strength and grace, a combination that is bound to make anybody who interacts with them irremediably fall in love with these horses’ personality.