Meet Albert, The Cutest Munchkin Cat with Unique “Skull” Nose And 450,000 Followers

You can say a lot about cats. You can say they are self-absorbed sometimes and only think about themselves. You can say they are lazy and would probably sell you out for a piece of fish. You can say they are sneaky and secretly plan to take over the world. But there’s one thing you can’t say about cats, and that is that they are not cute.
I don’t know if it’s their eyes that stare deep into your soul or those adorable paws they have, but cats have something special that typically makes you fall in love with them so that you forgive them for all those annoying things they do.
And the adorable little Munchkin in the images below is just another example that proves that everything written in the lines above is absolutely true.
Albert is an Instagram famous munchkin cat with gorgeous blue eyes and a unique skull-like nose that got him half a million followers on Instagram alone. But don’t think looks is all this feline has going for him.
Albert also has an adorable attitude to match his special look. The Instagram account his owner created in his behalf shows Albert in several different situations. On certain days, Albert just likes being lazy and chill out on the couch. On other days, Albert feels more active and likes to go out on his scooter and impress the neighbors with his awesome skills.
The cat also has a taste for fashion and likes to dress up for his fans. Here are some photos of Albert that show just how adorable he is.








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