Marine Slow Dances with Daughter On Her Birthday. Now Watch Their Skills When the Music Changes

As you probably already knew, one of the most important celebrations in Mexican culture is the tradition of the quinceanera, which can be best described as a ceremony on a girl’s fifteenth birthday to mark her passage to womanhood.
It’s a moment of joy and celebration when all the important people in the life of the girl celebrating her fifteen birthday gather and show their love and support. And one of the people who play the most significant role in the ceremony has to be the girl’s father.
It’s not a coincidence that the father-daughter dance is one of the most touching moment of the celebration. Generally speaking, it’s a moment filled of emotions, as dad begins to see his little girl as the woman she is turning into.
But the dad and daughter in the video below wanted to add something more to their dance, and put on a show for all of the guests who came to celebrate alongside them. The result is a high-energy dance that no one will be able to forget anytime soon.
This dad has some killer moves and is not afraid to get loose- despite having a very serious job title as a Marine. Take a look:

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