Man’s hesitant to audition, but girlfriend signs him up. Then he stuns judges with 60s classic

We all need people in our lives who not only support our dreams but who actually encourage us to be more confident in our ability to reach them. For the young man in the video below, that someone is his long-term girlfriend.
Sam Black has all the qualities needed to become the next big superstar. He is charismatic, good-looking, and more importantly, he has an excellent voice. But even so, he didn’t believe in his chances much, which is why he was reluctant when his girlfriend suggested he would sign up to audition for X Factor.
Sam just didn’t think he was good enough to get the judges’ votes and move forward in the competition. But his girlfriend was determined not to let this opportunity slip away. So she took care of signing him up for the competition.
Even though he was hesitant to perform for the judges at first, Sam managed to muster up the courage to get on stage and showcase his incredible talent. The man decided to do a rendition of the ’60s song “Runaround Sue,” and although his music choice surprised the judges, they all agreed that Sam did a wonderful job.
You see, Sam grew up listening to ’60s music, and it’s the music style he feels most comfortable singing. And although some might argue that the song is a bit outdated, Sam managed to put his own spin on it and gave it a unique, fresh sound.
Check out his jaw-dropping performance in the video below!

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