Man Turns Abandoned Water Tower into Home for Family & The Inside Is Breathtaking.

What would you say if you were given the chance to live in a water tower? Well, this is definitely an unconventional home that many would rather pass on, but in the case of the man in the video below, a water tower is a place he is proud to call his perfect home.
Architect Patrick Mets has always had a special place in his heart for old industrial buildings, so when he came across an abandoned water tower, he knew it was his diamond in the rough. So he bought the property for $43,000 and began turning it into a unique home for his future family.
The process was not an easy one, as Patrick had to deal with the struggle of getting the proper permits from the city so that he could modify the construction the way he pictured it. It took seven full years and a little over $2M dollars to finalize the project and get everything just the way he wanted it, but the result is well worth the effort.
You won’t believe how his home looks on the inside. And the view you get from up there is downright breathtaking! Get an exclusive home tour by watching the video below and get ready to be impressed.

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