A man took an illegal video of Beijing using a drone — and the result is positively stunning

Beijing is definitely one of the most fascinating and mysterious cities in the world. The capital of the People’s Republic of attracts millions of tourists each year, but many aspects about this city are not very known to the general public.
That’s because Beijing authorities and government make sure that only certain things are known about this megacity. For instance, did you know that Beijing is considered to be the bicycle capital of the world? There are a lot of parking lots that are solely reserved for bikes.
Another interesting fact is that The Forbidden City (the huge palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties) consists of 800 buildings that are highly sought after by tourists.
Also, you might want to know that you can actually get in trouble with the law if you take pictures or videos of certain places of Beijing. There are a lot of rules tourists need to be aware of to make sure they won’t encounter any problems.
Videographer Trey Ratcliff managed to capture this incredible aerial footage for Beijing using a drone. The man got some amazing images before being detained by the police for flying a DJI Quadcopter above Beijing.
Here’s the stunning video:

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