Man Flies Drone Over Ocean and Captures Incredibly Rare Event – The Footage Is Incredible

Oceans are incredible, aren’t they? With such a vast portion of them still unexplored and untouched by human intervention, oceans are as mysterious as they are captivating. Who knows what lies at the bottom of the deepest ocean, what kind of incredible things are waiting to be discovered!
There’s much we don’t know about ocean life, but what we do know is pretty incredible! And the stunning footage shown in the video below is just one more example of how amazingly beautiful nature and ocean life truly are.
The video was captured by Captain Dave Anderson who was cruising off the coast of San Clemente. The scenery was gorgeous, so he decided to fly one of his drones to get an aerial view of all the beautiful nature surrounding him.
But he never expected his drone to capture something this magnificent!
From high up in the air, the drone managed to record the incredible sight of dozens and dozens of beautiful dolphins gracefully making their way through the blue ocean. The dolphins seem so peaceful moving through water that it really makes you wonder why us human are always in such a rush instead of taking their example and slow things down for a change.
It’s not every day that you get to see such a rare sight, so make sure to take your time watching this footage and admire the raw beauty of all nature.
We’re not going to lie; this is so impressive that it might actually make you shed a tear of two. Grab a box of tissues before you hit play; just in case.

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